After many years serving in top leadership positions in other women's organizations, Mercy went back to the drawing board and reviewed the effectiveness of each of those groups.  She removed “the fluff”, refined organizational structure, focused on strong core values, and established VeriDiva Women’s Business Networking Group in 2010.  She developed VeriDiva’s Membership Guidelines based on the principles of Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", using the Synergistic, Collaborative & Transformational Relationship Model. 

VeriDiva's Mission is to develop and establish a truly transformational relationship-based networking for women, VeriDiva provides, among others, master-class leadership training, and leverages its powerful connections designed to enhance values for each member both on a personal and professional level, through elegant and well-thought-out meetings and events.  VeriDiva is coined after two special words - "Veritas" which means "Truth" in Latin, and "Diva" which is Italian feminine for a "Leading Star".  VeriDiva has a unique one core business or profession per member per chapter.  In May 2019, we opened our second chapter in Nevada.

             Mercy is also a long-time career registered financial professional (since 1996).  As of this publication, she is a Financial Advisor with Crown Capital Securities, LP.  Mercy is a highly trained Specialist who is dedicated to helping her clients define and achieve their financial goals, and in over two decades has helped many women and their families achieve their long-term financial goals.  She believes in developing lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect and takes a holistic, total-needs, and long-term approach when dealing with clients.  Her track record is exemplified by high client retention and her practice has evolved into trans-generational wealth transfer.  She applies these same principles to growing her tremendous circle of influence.

             As a passionate lifetime advocate for women and children, Mercy is actively involved in various local and global charities and not-for-profit organizations.  Some of those are The Academy of Ballet Arts, the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs, and Smile Train – a children’s charity that provides free cleft repair surgeries to underserved children in more than 85 of the world’s developing countries.  She has received numerous awards both for her work as a Financial Advisor, Civic Leadership, and Women and Children’s Advocacy.  Most recently, she received awards for Excellence in Leadership and the Presidential Gold Medal Award for Community Leadership and Volunteer Service.

Mercy is an avid reader and world traveler.  She is a top social media influencer (VeriDiva has over 100,000 hits on Google Business since its inception in 2009; over 500,000 Likes on FB Posts as of July 2019, and over 3,000 Connections on LinkedIn).  When not working with clients, mentoring businesswomen, or raising funds for charity, she spends time with family, planning her next trip and reads voraciously!  

Mercy may be reached via email at   Send a Friend Request on Facebook and LinkedIn (Mercedita Noland); Follow on Instagram (veridivamercy); through the Contact Page of, or call 1 + (714) 393-6739.



Independent Consultant

Arbonne International, #15670997


Nancy Holguin lives in the Temecula Valley in Southern California and has been an advocate for Wellness & Anti-Aging with Arbonne International, for over a decade.  She leads a dynamic team of Independent Consultants with a mission to change the health and wealth of this nation, one person at a time.  

As a Wellness Consultant, she’s conducted countless Anti-Aging, Wellness & Business workshops and in 2013 founded ‘The Confidence Shoppe’, incorporating hypnotherapy into a balanced Wellness & Anti-Aging program.  Her secret to success is simple, offer value and love first and success will follow. 


Licensed Health Insurance Broker with

HCAG Medicare Insurance Agency

Alexandra Abadie is a licensed Health Insurance Broker with HCAG Medicare Insurance Agency. As a result of her commitment to her clients and her knowledge of the industry, she has worked with doctors in Orange County, Las Vegas, and the Temecula Valley. She represents a vast number of carriers offering Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drugs Plans, in California and Nevada.

Through her position as an insurance broker, she has also become an advocate for seniors by helping them beyond the scope of Medicare. As a part of HCAG, Alexandra participates in local senior events to help educate as many people as possible, and also to learn more about the services that are available to her clients.

Public Relations Manager for the prestigious Academy of Ballet Arts,

a registered 501(c) corporation, in the City of Murrieta.


In this important role, she handles significant responsibilities as the organization's liaison between its students, audience and the community at large.


She is responsible for coordinating events and productions, media publicity, and developing relationships that mutually enhance and benefit the Academy and the community. She has been with the Academy since its opening in October 2011.


Graciela's more than 20 years' background in international business and non-profit organizations has made her a tremendous asset to the Academy. According to Dana Nelson and Jose Chavez, Directors of the Academy, "Ms. Hernandez has a proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects...her enthusiasm and passion for ABA has helped spread the word of the success of our dancers, as well as highlight our standing as one of the leading ballet academies in Southern California."



Graciela is a strong and gracious leader, with the gift of being able to work effectively with a diverse group of people while maintaining a friendly and professional manner.

Robbie Motter known as the Media Diva is a Marketing PR Consultant, Certified National Speaker, Event Planner, Radio Show Host and Host of her new TV Show Motter's moments.  She also writes monthly for the Menifee and Murrieta Buzz and E The Magazine for Executive Women. Robbie also for the last 19 years has served as the Global Coordinator for the National Association of Female Executives/Entrepreneurs and she herself runs 6 nafe networks in CA.


She is also the VP of membership for the GFWC Menifee/Sun City Woman's Club, Publicity and is a former member of the Board of the Temecula Valley Symphony.  She also serves as the Publicity Chair for the Menifee Valley Lions Club.


Prior to being an entrepreneur, she spent 25 + years in top positions in Corporate America working in New York, Washington DC and Houston, TX. She is originally from Honolulu Hawaii and is the mother of a son Ed -60, a daughter Lori 56 and a daughter Lisa 46 and 4 Grandchildren, Heather age 30, Joe age 25, Jessica age 21 and Amber age 11.


Her passion is helping women soar to greatness. Her website is and email cell 951-255-9200

Colette is a Founding VeriDiva Member and Treasurer. After retiring as a career Special Education Teacher and Resource Specialist, she ventured into different businesses, including direct-sales marketing and "The Traveling Pooch" which offered high-end travel gear for our canine family.


Colette is an avid Traveler and collector. She currently runs a very successful eBay store called, Ivadell's Art & Antiques, where she offers specially curated antiques and vintage wares.


Colette continues to be active in the community and committed to inspiring the next generation of VeriDivas!

Owner/ Designer for Katherine

the Great Designs


Katherine Setzer is the Owner/ Designer for Katherine the Great Designs bringing handmade one-of-a-kind specialty cards, gifts and make-believe costumes for kids and adults.


Katherine graduated from Northern Arizona University receiving a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising with Minors in French and Public Relations. Katherine is a 2018 Nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year by the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce.

My mission is to bring one-of-a-kind cards and gifts to show the people who are special in your life how much you love and care for them. Everything I make is made with love and thoughtful detail. I want people to connect on a deeper level past today’s fast text/email and you’re done mindset. Let’s bring back some of the old values of writing a beautiful sentiment and thoughtful card to those people we love and cherish.


When she is not creating custom products she taking care of her two small children and Navy Husband. She enjoys painting, sewing, crafting, and reading.



Licensed Aesthetician &  Marketing Director

Liz graduated from Royale School of Beauty in 2003 and has since been working as a licensed Aesthetician. While struggling with problematic skin as a young adult, her love of skincare was ignited.


Her commitment to offer the best skin care practices has led her into the classroom time and time again to continue her education from ingredient knowledge to advanced techniques in aesthetics. The most enjoyable part of her work is meeting new people and providing a custom approach in helping patients achieve their skin care goals.

With 15+ years in the skin industry, you can be confident you are in good hands because Liz really cares. On her day’s off, she enjoys interior design, Zumba classes as well as spending time with her husband, four kids, and their three dogs. She is involved in her community by serving at her church.


She loves working for a Medi Spa that utilizes the latest modalities in aesthetics to help women feel beautiful from the inside out.  From Advanced Botox procedures to fillers and many laser therapies, our patients leave feeling beautiful.



Business Owner and Author

Paige is the mother of two, author of Feminine Fulfillment for Women Over 40, business owner and 32-year professional in the beauty industry.


Her background in teaching, social marketing, leading and coaching personal growth and transformational seminars, lead her to write and guiding women to be able to feel beyond happiness. Paige has accumulated a body of knowledge she uses to assist women in being feminine, celebrated, and successful.


Living a life of feminine fulfillment herself, she cracked the code and is giving you the key.


You may reach her at






Juanita Guild has been a successful entrepreneur for different Direct Sales and Marketing Organizations.  In 2015, she joined Style and Dot Company - an innovative jewelry and fashion accessories company and is now an Elite Director. 


Juanita's big plan is to grow her Sales Team to 1000 Consultants and ultimately her Client base throughout the U.S.


You may contact Juanita via or 1(760) 497-2399.

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain." - Carl Jung


Barbara Berg, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Author of “Ring Shui: Move Your Rings, Change Your Life” and “How to Escape the No Win Trap” Speaker on Ring Shui, Communication, Stress Management and Psychotherapist Barbara A. Berg, L.C.S.W., is an award-winning author, speaker, and Ring Shui expert. She specializes in communication skills, stress management, and relationships both at home and on the job, and has worked with clients in private practice and the workplace for over 20 years.


As an expert in the art of Ring Shui, Barbara is a frequent speaker in Southern California, where she demonstrates how wearing your rings can attract changes to your life, relationships, and career. Barbara is passionate about helping people from all walks of life who are seeking healing from past relationships and want more love, balance, and joy in their lives. Known for her fun, engaging and interactive style, Barbara has presented over 500 workshops and keynote presentations and has appeared on over 500 radio, television and Internet shows.


Barbara often combines the art of Ring Shui with stress management and guides attendees in wearing rings that can bring healing from past relationships; support better relationships; life balance; and professional and personal goals.


For more information, visit, or call (909) 786-7201.

Sofia is Founder and Principal Tutor of "Kids That Shine" (KTS) in Temecula Valley. 


In 2018, Sofia established KTS to provide a very special and unique Educational Support to students in the Primary and Secondary Levels to enable them to excel academically.  Her goal is to help them develop the right mindset and help shift their learning paradigms and habits that will ultimately propel them to pursue Tertiary education and beyond.

The tutoring techniques Sofia developed for students at "Kids that Shine" are unique because they focus on each student's strengths and potential, and “learning personality”. 


The KTS techniques factors each student's strengths as well as each student's "learning challenges" as the springboard to bring about the best in each of them.  Each student is assessed individually before starting the program.  She believes in empowering them to believe that they are each capable of being great and harness their growing self-confidence to enable them to learn more.  Each successful step takes them to the next of success.


Sofia attended Kansas City Community College and the University of Kansas, with strong emphasis in Languages and Education.  During her career, Sofia has seen and experienced first-hand the struggle and extreme need for after-school educational support for many students.  She is fluent in both Spanish and English.  She has served in the Temecula Unified School District as a Literacy Specialist and as a District Interpreter in the Second Language Department for 13 years.


A happily married woman with 3 beautiful grown children - Santiago, Alejandra and Gabriela - Sofia and her husband, Reuben, have been together for 22 years.  Sofia is passionate and enthusiastic about this new journey as a Female Entrepreneur and looks forward to creating a global learning-centric community.   Sofia may be reached at (760) 521-6905, or via email at

Founder and Principal Teacher of DJ’s Virtual Management, which she founded in 2009, after years of corporate employment.  


Jeannette’s last employment as C.E.O. of The HealthCare Foundation for Orange County - which she left in 2008 - has equipped her with valuable skills in administration, management, interpersonal and organizational skills which she greatly draws upon as an Entrepreneur.  In 2009, she founded DJ’s Virtual Management because she saw a dire need for affordable technical education for the Senior population.  

Jeannette holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University.  She is a dynamic and compassionate leader who volunteers her time, talent and skills in various leadership capacities to many non-profit organizations in her community, such as the Bethany Women’s Shelter, Health Funders Partnership of Orange County, Council on Foundations, and the Southern California Grants Managers Networking.

Jeannette recently joined VeriDiva Women’s Networking Group to extend her business and personal network, and provide value where it is needed and appreciated.

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