Mercedita Noland


             After many years serving in top leadership positions in other women's organizations, Mercy went back to the drawing board and reviewed the effectiveness of each of those groups.  She removed “the fluff”, refined organizational structure, focused on strong core values, and established VeriDiva Women’s Business Networking Group in 2010.  She developed VeriDiva’s Membership Guidelines based on the principles of Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", using the Synergistic, Collaborative & Transformational Relationship Model. 

VeriDiva's Mission is to develop and establish a truly transformational relationship-based networking for women, VeriDiva provides, among others, master-class leadership training, and leverages its powerful connections designed to enhance values for each member both on a personal and professional level, through elegant and well-thought-out meetings and events.  VeriDiva is coined after two special words - "Veritas" which means "Truth" in Latin, and "Diva" which is Italian feminine for a "Leading Star".  VeriDiva has a unique one-core business or profession per member per chapter.  In May 2019, we opened our second chapter in Nevada.

             Mercy is also a long-time career registered financial professional (since 1996).  As of this publication, she is a Financial Advisor with Crown Capital Securities, LP.  Mercy is a highly trained specialist who is dedicated to helping her clients define and achieve their financial goals, and in over two decades has helped many women and their families achieve their long-term financial goals.  She believes in developing lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect and takes a holistic, total-needs, and long-term approach when dealing with clients.  Her track record is exemplified by high client retention and her practice has evolved into trans-generational wealth transfer.  She applies these same principles to growing her tremendous circle of influence.

             As a passionate lifetime advocate for women and children, Mercy is actively involved in various local and global charities and not-for-profit organizations.  Some of those are The Academy of Ballet Arts, the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs, and Smile Train – a children’s charity that provides free cleft repair surgeries to underserved children in more than 85 of the world’s developing countries.  She has received numerous awards both for her work as a Financial Advisor, Civic Leadership, and Women and Children’s Advocacy.  Most recently, she received awards for Excellence in Leadership and the Presidential Gold Medal Award for Community Leadership and Volunteer Service.

Mercy is an avid reader and world traveler.  She is a top social media influencer (VeriDiva has over 100,000 hits on Google Business since its inception in 2009; over 500,000 Likes on FB Posts as of July 2019, and over 3,000 Connections on LinkedIn).  When not working with clients, mentoring businesswomen, or raising funds for charity, she spends time with family, planning her next trip, and reads voraciously!  

Mercy may be reached via email at   Send a Friend Request on Facebook and LinkedIn (Mercedita Noland); Follow on Instagram (veridivamercy); through the Contact Page of, or call 1 + (714) 393-6739.