VeriDiva Multi-Celebration

​​Let's get together for a VeriDiva Multi-Celebration at VeriDiva HQ's Patio on Saturday, 8/15/20 at 5 pm!


Our Sexy Gardener has been keeping all the greenery extra lush, and we have so many wonderful things to share and Achievements to Celebrate! We will have Summer Fresh Fare Cuisine and a very Special Vintage Rosè as well as NA Pink Drinks. 


We have very special surprise #TREATS in store for everyone!  Cost is $45.00 as/Guest and includes Food, Drink, and Meeting Fee!  Paris-Bound Members and Muses - this is #Mandatory so you can hear the Updates from our Travel Agent, Yvette Joyner! 

We can only accommodate 18 Guests and it's First Registered, First Reserved!  RSVP TODAY! 

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