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VeriDiva October 2017 Featured Member


Interview with Lisa Wayman, Carrington Construction

V:   What is your vision for the business growth of Carrington Construction?

It is my vision that Carrington Construction will grow to become one of the top remodeling companies in all of Southern California!  At this time, we only service the Southwest Riverside County; however, I would like to grow our territory that we cover and see branches in LA, OC, and SD.

We have such an amazing and extremely talented team that strives every day to give the best service and results for our clients and I know we can make that happen.


V:  Where do you derive personal and business inspirations?

Oh man, there are so many people and ways I am inspired.

First, I think my go-to person I turn to when I need advice or encouragement is my Dad. Throughout my whole life, whether it has been about School, dance class try-outs, riding a dirt bike, going back to college, finding a new career, relationships, etc, he has always instilled the confidence in me that I can do anything.

Next, I try and surround myself with all-around good people. Easier said than done nowadays, but I think I do a really good job of that. Life is too short to spin your wheels with people who don’t make you better. I am lucky to have a great tribe of people who support and inspire me, daily!


V:   What is your most exciting project, thus far?

We have so many beautiful construction projects we have completed; it’s hard to choose my favorite!

BUT…I can tell you about the most exciting project that I have had the privilege to be a part of in our community. And that is the new young professionals group HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Exceed). I was so thrilled to have been asked to assist with the development of this program along with 12 other amazing professionals! Our goal with this group is to create, empower ad mentor the next generation of leaders by building a community of like-minded, ambitious, innovative and diverse professionals. This is so important to the growth and future of our community… and our country (on a larger scale)!


V:  Please complete this sentence:  At the end of the day...

“I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality, and likes that turned into love.”

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VeriDiva July 2017 Featured Member


Interview with Nancy Cordi of Mediterrania Chef Services

V: What is your vision for Mediterrania Chef Services?


NC: My vision is to, eventually, own an elegant Mediterranean Cafe here in Temecula Valley. I want to provide a culinary experience that incorporates my trademark style of cooking - healthy, authentic and delicious - while transporting the customer's palate to the beautiful Mediterranean Coast. I believe in positively impacting the lives of many people by serving food prepared with the highest quality ingredients and with love!


V: Where do you derive inspiration for your culinary creations?


NC: First and foremost, my inspiration is divinely received, from God. He also uses incredible chefs who I am drawn to for major inspiration such as Jamie Oliver, Sami Tamimi, Jose Andres and Yotem Ottolenghi. These Chefs have mastered the art of preparing and creating delicious uncompromising food.


V: What is your most exciting project, thus far?


NC: As a Chef, every project for me is exciting. This year, however, I have the opportunity to prepare a very special menu for our forthcoming VeriDiva 7th Year's "Paris in Autumn - An Evening of Music and Giving". This is a Charity Dinner that will benefit Rancho Damacitas and the Academy of Ballet Arts. I am challenged to prepare a French-inspired cuisine to go with the theme. I am also excited to be partnering with Doffo Winery to prepare a menu for a gala event that will pair beautifully with their red wines.


"I have served, I have given and that, through my cooking, I have made a positive difference in someone's life." - Nancy Cordi

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